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Nelson Leader - Friday 09 June 1939 - Page 8


On a Visit from Australia.

Still remembered as Miss Jane Hogarth, Mrs. G. A. Scott, now of Adelaide, South Australia, is over on a visit to the Old Country. Twenty-seven years have elapsed since she left her native Brierfield, but she has come back to admit that the township has not altered to any great extent. She has, in fact, been impressed with the number of old friends she was able to recognise at a glance, and who, in turn, were able to recognise her. At present she is staying with her step- brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. Butson, of 27, Commercial Street. She will remain in this country until December 30th, when she will leave for home on board the " Orion." Mrs. Scott declares that she would not like to settle again in England. She is glad to be over on this, her first visit since her emigration, but she says life is much healthier and living is cheaper in the land of the Southern Cross. She paints a glowing picture of Adelaide, her home city. Food is very cheap, and she describes how grapes and other fruit grow in profusion in their "backyard," which is actually a large garden compared by Lancashire standards.